Winning big at online casinos is not that difficult

Winning Big at Online Casinos

As they say in every walk of life 'Practice Makes Perfect'. The same can be said with casino games. Of course there is an awful lot of luck involved in casino gambling but you can get some big wins in both land based and online casinos.

Slot games are more about the art of luck. If lady luck is smiling on you then you can win huge money playing online slots. Just recently the Playtech Video Slot game 'Beach Life' paid out a progressive jackpot of more than $4 million.

The tip at online casinos is to gamble higher stakes. Because the online casino has a higher payout percentage than a traditional land based casino you can afford to bet more. Rather than putting 10cents per spin why not put $10 per spin. The online casinos have around 97% payout on video slots so in 10 spins (costing $100) you will win on average $97 so therefore the games only cost you $3.

By gambling higher stakes it is more likely that you will get winning symbol combinations or enter into the bonus game. If a bonus game on average gives you 25 time your line stake you can see that $250 is a lot better than $2.50, for the sake of an extra $9.90. And you are more likely to get these bonuses more often with higher stakes.

Table and card games are a bit more tricky, but of course there is always luck involved. The casino's have to have a slight edge. But playing blackjack or poker is about knowing when to take or change the cards based on the odds of the dealer (or opponent) having a better card. You can only learn these odds through practice.

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Playing well at blackjack takes time, and knowing when to double, split, stand or hit is key. I have been playing online casino blackjack for many years and you can make it pay.

Roulette is another game where there are many strategies explaining how to win. The usual red/black double up is common place. You go for a 50/50 red versus black bet (well nearly 50/50, just gotta be careful of that zero), and if you lose you double the bet. You keep doing this until you win. Your win will be the total amount you have bet plus your original stake, you can keep doing this and win big at online casinos, but be aware the online casino will always have a slight edge. There will be bet limits on the table and if you bet too much and go on a losing streak you have to keep doubling and eventually you will need to bet more than you are actually allowed. The key is therefore to make small bets, but doing this will take you an age to win any significant amount. WebAdverts Advertisers

In summary, yes, you can win huge amounts in online casinos. But is luck on your side? You never you until you try... you've got be in it to win it.

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