Online slots tips - how to win playing video slots on the internet.

Online Slots Tips and Strategy

There are a number of different kinds of slot machines that a player must be aware of before he can implement a winning strategy.

Three Reels vs. Four Reels - Everyone knows it is easier to get 3-of-a-kind than 4-of-a-kind, and much easier to line up 3 matching symbols or numbers than to match up 4! Players should therefore look for 3 reel machines when playing basic slot casino games.

Progressive Slots - These slots are usually 4-Reel or 5-Reel machines, offering open-ended Jackpots that increases in value after each pull, on every machine that is linked in a group. The Top Jackpot is only won if the player has bet the maximum bet or played the maximum number of coins for that pull, and all the winning symbols line up in order on the pay-line. These slots do not pay out very often. Players wanting to play should pick a slot whose Primary and Secondary Jackpots are at a high level.

2-Coin vs. 3-Coin Machines - On a 2-Coin slot machine, the 2nd-coin play will pay a whole lot more than just double the 1-coin Jackpot for the Top Jackpot (perhaps even the Top 2 or 3 Jackpots!) ie: Playing on a 2-coin machine, the Top Jackpot payoff is three 7's, paying $1000. Playing only 1 coin, the same 3- 7's pays only $400 . The 3-Coin machine will show much higher payoffs for the top jackpots with the three coins played. However,... 3-Coin machines might look much better in their payoff than 2-Coin machines, but this is not the case as players also need to be more to get this, and so also end up losing more! Warning: Players must know the Golden Rule when playing progressive slots: whatever slot is being played - play the maximum number of coins. If a player hits the jackpot and only bet 1 coin on a 4-coin machine... think about it....

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One Payline vs. Three Paylines - The payline is usually the marked center line in most standard slots. Winning symbols or numbers must line up on this line and this line only to make up a winning combination. However, some slots play with 3 or more paylines - top, center and bottom, or any combination from left to right across the screen - and any winning combination falling on any of the paylines will pay out. Players should therefore look for machines with multiple paylines to increase their chances of winning - by even getting double and triple payouts when winning combinations happen on a top and middle payline, for instance! The payouts are not large though, and the Top Jackpot is only paid out when a winning combination is lined up in the correct order on the bottom, or third payline. Three-Payline machines are also usually 3-coin machines, making play more "expensive". Video Slots are known to have 5, 7, 9 and up to 50 paylines - Players must bet on all lines available to be eligible for the Top Jackpot. But...hey... it's fun. Then again, there is another little rule : stick to playing 2-Coin, 3-Reel, 1-Payline Slots.

Double-Up Symbols - Many slots are now also making use of fabulous Double-Up symbols on their reels! These symbols, usually a circle or a diamond in a circle, and with the words "Double" across them, inform the player that the payoff has now doubled and that the symbol can be substituted for any other on the reel. Casinos obviously do not carry many of these Machines and when they do, the Machine is usually in the murky hollows of the casino and surrounded by bad machines.

Wild, Scatter and Bonus Symbols - On multi payline video slots there will be many different types of bonus game rounds. You have to get specific scatter, wild or bonus symbols to enetr the bonus rounds. Some will give free spins, some will award a cash prize. The tip here is to find a video slot machine that gives away free spins with a win multiplier.

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