Online Slots Mchines with bonus games

Online Slots with Bonus Games

The first feature to be added was extra paylines. Rather than just a single payline the machine would offer a player to win on different symbol to reel combinations. Next came extra reels. The most commonly used number is 5, however there are 7 reel video slot games out there.

With this advance came the better use of symbols. Wild symbols were introduced. This could not be accommodated on the old mechanical slot machines. The same goes for scatter symbols. Next came the bonus symbols.

Because the machines are now basically a video screen playing a video game there is no end to the opportunities available, so why therefore just stick with spinning reels and giving a winning symbol combination. The manufacturers thought. What if I take the player into a different video style game when they hit a certain symbol combination, and thus the bonus round game was born.

Generally to enter a bonus game you will need to hit three or more bonus symbols on any payline, other games like to have bonus symbols scattered anywhere on reels 1 and 5. Some just need three bonus symbols anywhere on the screen.

Once in the bonus game they all follow the same theme. You need to choose something to get a hidden prize. This is totally random. Behind what you choose there will be a prize. This will either be an instant cash prize or a number of free spins/multiplier. Some games have more than 1 stage and get you to make more choices, others will have a skill element involved although this is very rare.

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Some bonus slots also have more than 1 bonus game available.

My favourite, and probably the best made video slot game with bonus, has to be the game 'ALIEN HUNTER'. This is a Playtech video slot game and has three different bonus games. The first one is an instant bonus and you get to choose eggs that are hiding cash prizes, you keep choosing until you get the egg containing the alien. The second bonus is a free spin bonus, you get awarded up to 20 free spins. The third bonus game is unique in the world of online slots. You get 2 choices (SKILL or LUCK) and you have to shoot as many fast moving Aliens in the given time period. With the skill each differently coloured alien is worth different points (money) so there is definitely a skill involved to get the biggest prizes.

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I really like the bonus slots that give away free spins. Thjis really maximises your winnings especially if you are makeing big wagers. With free spin wins you can also win more free spins with multiplier so this is really the best form of playing.

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